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Uber Rival GoCatch is hitting Potholes

ride share app GoCatch

Renowned business reporter Adele Ferguson’s article in The Age newspaper on January 21st 2017 highlights a systemic problem that ride share apps are facing.

GoCatch enjoyed first mover advantage in the Australian market, investors and speculators all jumped on board early hoping the Go Catch would emulate Uber’s growth.

Fast forward a few years later and we see the GoCatch investment dwindle and facing numerous challenges and hurdles. Founders, Directors and CEO have gone and have been replaced with the hope that the investment can be reignited.

Uber the competitor has swallowed and continues to swallow alternative ride share apps.

Uber’s attempt at destroying the Taxi Industry has had some adverse effects, but has not delivered the destruction of the Industry; Armageddon did not arrive.

The Taxi Industry as we now it is changing and will continue to change, however there will always be a need for Taxis. Industry stakeholders will come and go and there will be a systemic change for the Industry.

The Victorian Government believes that all licences should be extinguished and a new commercial passenger licence should be issued to the entire industry. The government believes that this is the way forward in the new world that needs INNOVATION!!

TaxiLink is not standing still and will continue to innovate and challenge the status quo, however there are many stakeholders that have given their life to the industry and believed that their investment would help them in retirement. These people have been decimated and our society should not accept this injustice.