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TaxiLink Pink ..... A Female Only Taxi Service

TaxiLink launches new innovative Taxi program

TaxiLink Pink was first launched in 2013 to attract female drivers for a proposed new PINK TAXI fleet.

The idea being that TaxiLink Pink would provide services to females and children by FEMALE DRIVERS ONLY.

We're still taking applications and enquiries from women interested in driving taxis for TaxiLink Pink and will launch the initiative as soon as driver numbers reach critical mass.

TaxiLink Pink will appeal to woman drivers as an alternative to Uber, or any female only uber type service and women only ride share programs as you get paid daily, have the added security benefits of driving a Taxi with support staff and have the benefit of an existing network with guaranteed passenger bookings.

Our Taxi fleet has GPS tracking and security cameras.

TaxiLink Pink female taxi driver service

TaxiLink Pink in the News

Plans in the works for women-only taxi network

FEMALE taxi passengers would be driven by female cabbies under plans for a women-only taxi network.

Network Taxi Link said there was a need for a premium service because some women felt uncomfortable in taxis.

Director Harry Katsiabanis said he had three female drivers working for him and wanted to increase that number to 50.

He said he would then seek exemption from equal opportunity laws.

"We have identified a need in the market. We will apply to VCAT to get the exemption for equal opportunity from a gender issue, like Fernwood gym,'' Mr Katsiabanis said.

"From a safety point of view, I think women feel more at ease with women. We are trying to create a more comfortable environment, an environment that will be more readily used than the current one.''

Under the plan, cabs in the network, dubbed Taxi Link Pink, would be painted pink, subject to the industry regulator's approval. Female passengers could then request a female driver when they booked a cab.

-Herald Sun

Women-only pink taxis on the way

Pink taxis driven by women and available only to female passengers could be on Melbourne's streets soon.

TaxiLink's Harry Katsiabanis hopes to recruit 50 women to drive a new fleet of pink cabs to serve women exclusively.

"Taxi Link Pink will be a fleet of pink taxis for women only, driven by women only," Mr Katsiabanis said. "But I can't launch the product if I don't have the drivers."

Women would be trained as drivers and then hired under a conventional bailment agreement, under which they would earn 50 per cent of the fare box, rising to 55 per cent once the state government's taxi industry reforms take effect.

- The Age

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