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Taxi Passenger Rights

As a valued taxi passenger you can expect our drivers and cabs to uphold certain standards while you travel with us.

The driver must be properly licensed and accredited
All drivers need to have completed the Taxi Services Commission training and hold a valid full driver’s licence before they drive for TaxiLink. They should be familiar with Melbourne’s major roads, landmarks and be able to control their car competently in any circumstances. Drivers need to maintain a zero blood alcohol count at all times. They must also display their ID card, with a photograph, on the dashboard at all times.

A well-maintained, safe and clean taxi
The car you ride in must be roadworthy and kept clean, inside and out. There should not be any stains or foul odours inside. All of TaxiLink’s taxis are inspected and cleaned daily to ensure a comfortable trip.

You can choose the route
You can ask the driver to take any route you wish, otherwise we expect the driver to take the most direct route to your destination.

You can observe the metered fare
Melbourne Taxis must display and use an approved taxi meter and the meter must be mounted in view of the passenger and it must show the fare as the trip is proceeding. The tariff rate and any tolls must be shown. Taxi drivers cannot differentiate between long and short fares.

You control the air conditioning
All taxis must have working air conditioning. You can ask the driver to set the temperature to whatever level is comfortable for you, as long as it is reasonable and doesn’t affect the driver’s comfort to the point where safety is compromised.

You choose what’s on the radio
The passenger can choose which radio station is played and at what volume. If you wish you can also ask the driver to complete the journey without conversation and customers can request drivers do not talk on their mobile phones.

Assistance animals
The only animals permitted in taxis are Guide dogs and hearing dogs. The driver cannot refuse to take these on board. All other animals are not allowed.

You choose to permit multiple hire
The driver cannot pick up a multiple hire – where you share your taxi with other people – without your approval. The extra passengers must be going in the same general direction and each fare cannot exceed 75% of the metered fare.

Mobility and luggage assistance
Passengers can request reasonable assistance to get in and out of the taxi as well as help with their luggage.

EFTPOS facilities
If a taxi has a working EFTPOS terminal installed you have the right to use it to pay your fare. The driver cannot insist on a cash payment. All the cards which are accepted must be displayed clearly, and the driver must accept any of these cards for payment. All TaxiLink taxis have EFTPOS facilities available.

When asked, the driver must provide a Tax Invoice containing the following details: the Taxi number, driver’s ID number, the fare, any extras, total payable, the driver’s ABN and the date and time.