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Passenger Responsibilities

When travelling in a TaxiLink taxi, we ask that you abide by a few passenger responsibilities.

Pay the fare displayed
By travelling in a taxi you enter into a legal obligation to pay the fare asked, which is the metered fare plus any tolls and/or service fees. Whatever extras are charged must be displayed prominently in the taxi.

Wear your seat belt
It is an offence not to wear a seat belt while travelling in any car, including a taxi. If you are in charge of a passenger under sixteen years of age, you (not the driver) are responsible under the law for ensuring they wear a seat belt.

Don’t exceed the maximum number of passengers
Each taxi has a maximum number of passengers it can carry under its accreditation. This is always indicated on the outside of the car. It is an offence for a driver to carry more than the maximum number (usually four or five in a standard sedan) so you must not ask the driver to do so.

Don’t consume alcohol in a taxi
you must not carry any open containers of alcohol, or drink alcoholic beverages while on a trip. A driver has the right to refuse to carry a passenger who is obviously affected by alcohol or presents a danger to the driver or themselves.

Behave appropriately
A driver does not have to carry a passenger who is abusive or threatening. They can also order a passenger off the car if they behave inappropriately during a trip. Remember that all taxis are fitted with security cameras which will record any incidents.