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Taxi License Owners

Melbourne’s Taxi Industry has undergone rapid changes over the last 5 years.

First the Industry was subjected to the Fels Inquiry which provided comprehensive changes in our industry.

Secondly the introduction of Ride Share products such as Uber has created a new world.

Taxilink has always campaigned for the Industry representing all stakeholders with particular emphasis on licence holders.

As we too are Licence holders we understand the effect the devaluation of Licences has had on the Industry and the unfair and unjust proposals by government.

There is no doubt our Industry has been decimated by all these changes and the new world will be even more challenging.

In these challenging times it is very important that your licence is assigned to a reputable operator, one who has the financial and business skill to succeed in these trying times.

Taxilink is recognised as the Industry leader in Taxi Cab operation with a reputation others cannot match. Our financial strength coupled with our innovative approach affords Taxilink the opportunity to operate Melbourne’s largest Taxi fleet operation.

Our scale is testament to our strength, this approach affords all Licence holders unprecedented security in these difficult times.

Taxilink is always looking to grow our business and is seeking additional licences to manage. We are not Taxi brokers that assign your licence to a third party and act as an agent collecting rent, we operate the Licence ourselves.

We own and operate all our vehicles and as a result have a vested interest in utilising your licence correctly.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with your personally the benefits of assigning your licence to the Taxilink group.

Please feel free to contact our Director Harry Katsiabanis on (03) 9543-8700 or by message using the form on this page.

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