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Melbourne Taxi Fare Estimator

Taxi Fare Calculator

TaxiLink’s Melbourne Taxi fare estimator is a useful way to calculate just how much you should plan on spending on a cab fare to get to your next destination.

The taxi fare calculator is extremely easy to use. Just enter your starting point and destination, and the taxi fare estimator will give you an accurate estimate as to how much your taxi trip will cost.

Additionally, you can enter the time you want your taxi to pick you up, and the number of passengers to get a more accurate estimate.

You can load the Taxi Fare Estimator and some examples of popular fares are:

Taxi cost Melbourne CBD to Airport is approximately $65 daytime and $72 nighttime.
Taxi cost St Kilda or Richmond to Airport is approximately $76 daytime and $85 nighttime.
Taxi cost Northcote to Airport is approximately $47 daytime and $52 nighttime.

*based on up to 4 passengers and off peak.

For pre-booked fares check the links below, we can give you a discounted fixed fare quote for advance bookings.

Pre-Booked Discounted Fixed Fares

When you pre-book a TaxiLink taxi you have the option of either the meter rate similar to the fare estimator. Or, you can ask for our discounted fixed fare for your taxi journey.

For fares to Melbourne Airport or other pre-booked trips use the form or phone number on our Airport Taxi page.

For all other bookings use our booking page.

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