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Taxi Driver Job Vacancies

Do you want to be a Melbourne taxi driver?

We are currently hiring taxi drivers for our modern Melbourne taxi fleet

We employ new drivers, existing taxi drivers and Uber drivers

Taxi Driving Jobs with TaxiLink

TaxiLink is looking for full time and casual taxi drivers to drive our modern Melbourne based taxi fleet.

We have flexible shifts on offer including day shifts, night shifts, weekend shifts and part time casual shifts that will suit new drivers, existing drivers and Uber drivers.

TaxiLink is regarded as one of the most professional taxi organisation within Melbourne and Australia. Our Mission statement; To become the First Choice depot for all taxi drivers, to treat customers and staff with professionalism and to maintain respect as our primary core value.

We're hiring for taxi driver jobs Now!

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Do you currently drive for Uber?

Do you currently drive for Uber? Or thinking about applying for an Uber driving job? Give us a call and find out why driving for TaxiLink is more rewarding than driving for Uber.

Some of the benefits include using our cars instead of using your own, get paid every day in cash. You can pick up passengers from taxi ranks and accept hail bookings as well as electronic bookings.

There’s additional security and safety for taxi drivers compared to being an Uber driver, and no need to use your own phone and incur costs.

You make more money compared to driving for Uber and the money you earn stays in Australia.

About TaxiLink

Taxilink uses innovation and technology to achieve extraordinary results for all our drivers. Our dedicated Driver Liaison Officer and our additional training and resources that have been allocated to all our drivers team continues to produce excellent results.

The taxi industry is constantly evolving to keep pace with the ever changing and technologically advancing world around it. For example, Smartphone internet use now accounts for over 50% of all web traffic. TaxiLink have begun to implement the use of online booking and even mobile booking apps for the benefit of our taxi drivers and customers.

TaxiLink strives to keep both drivers and clients up to date on news regarding licensing requirements, driver schools, and current events involving the challenges drivers face as well as their many achievements.

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taxi driver job vacancies at TaxiLink Melbourne

New to Taxi Driving? Have you held a Victorian drivers licence for six months? Then download and complete the Application for Driver Accreditation as part of the application process.

Current Job Vacancies

Taxi Driver – Melbourne - Full Time

Permanent Taxi driving positions available now in the CBD, Eastern and South east suburbs.

If you are currently driving for another taxi depot, or Uber then give us a call or use our application form above.

Driving for TaxiLink is a perfect option for those looking for extra income, seasonal, entry level, temporary, or any type of job opportunities. Earn extra money.

Call us or apply now to start driving (03) 9543-8700

Taxi Driver – Part Time - Night or Day Shifts

Night and day shift driving jobs available now in most Melbourne locations.

Drive with TaxiLink and get paid daily. Driving with TaxiLink is a great way to earn cash on your schedule. The more you drive, the more you can make.

Call us or apply now to start driving (03) 9543-8700

Taxi Driver Jobs on the Mornington Peninsula

Are you an experienced taxi driver or hire car driver and live on the Mornington Peninsula?

We are hiring now for taxi driver shifts on the Mornington Peninsula servicing all towns including Mornington, Sorrento, Dromana, Mt Eliza, Mt Martha, Rosebud, Portsea, Flinders and Blairgowrie.

Get in touch if you are currently driving a taxi, or driving for rideshare and want a change.

Call us or apply now to start driving (03) 9543-8700

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