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About TaxiLink

Taxi Link was founded in 2003 when a group of companies began evaluating what was needed in the evolving taxi industry.

Their goal was to make the Taxi Industry more professional, efficient, modern, and profitable. What developed thereafter was our unique Linking the Entire Industry Approach where we were able to work with all the stakeholders to make the industry more professional and in turn, deliver more benefits to all stakeholders.

The company’s founding partner Harry Katsiabanis has been involved in the industry since 1988 originally as a taxi driver. He is also the only Licensed Estate Agent specialising in the Taxi Industry. The achievements delivered by our comprehensive approach to the industry have been recognised by leading industry bodies including the WestPac Banking Corporation and the Bendigo Stock Exchange. As we continue building upon our successful approach to the industry, we welcome the opportunity of working with you to deliver Taxi Solutions to the Industry by Taxi People.

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